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Finding Your Way Through Grief: A Guide for the First Year, Second Edition is written by Marty Tousley, RN, MS, FT, DCC, nationally certified grief counselor (Fellow in Thanatology), certified distance credentialed counselor (DCC), former  member of Hospice of the Valley's Bereavement staff (1996-2013) and currently administrator/ moderator of the popular online Grief Healing Discussion Groups
Originally published by Hospice of the Valley as a first edition in 1999, this popular and well-received book is a sensitive, informative guide to help survivors understand and cope with the feelings and experiences they're likely to encounter in the first year following the death of their loved one. 

Revised and expanded in 2008 to include a fourth section on Helping Another in Grief, this Second Edition is designed to help readers:

  • Dispute some of the common myths and misconceptions about grief and loss
  • Understand the grief process as a normal yet highly personal response to loss
  • Know what feelings and experiences may be expected as normal, both in anticipation of major loss and in the first year of grief
  • Recognize the physical, emotional, social and spiritual effects of grief
  • Understand the differences in mourning patterns among various family members
  • Find and explore the many and varied ways of managing grief
  • Get through difficult celebration days such as anniversaries, birthdays and holidays
  • Move from merely surviving grief toward transcending it
  • Know better how to respond to another person in mourning
As reviewed by the Rev. Paul A. Metzler in The Forum, Quarterly Newsletter of the Association for Death Education and Counseling, July 2009:

Tousley has written an easy-to-read, practical and empathic guide to help mourners travel the journey of grief wisely and safely.  Ordered in four parts (One: "Understanding the Grief Process;" Two: "Managing Your Grief;" Three: "From Surviving to Transcending Your Grief;" and Four: "Helping Another in Grief").  It can be read cover to cover or selectively following the detailed table of contents.  This book would be a useful gift to a grieving friend or distributed to clients in a hospice or other bereavement center.

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