American Association of Suicidology
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Assessing the Risk for Suicide
Bullying -> Depression -> Suicide -> Jared's Story
But I Didn't Say Goodbye: For Parents and Professionals Helping Child Suicide Survivors (Book)
Dying to Be Free: A Healing Guide for Families after a Suicide (Book)
Friends and Families of Suicides (FFOS): E-mail Support Group for Those Affected by Suicide
Friends for Survival of Suicide Loss
Guidance for Child Survivors of Suicide
Handbook for Survivors of Suicide (Booklet by Jeffrey Jackson; Free Download)
Healing for Survivors of Suicide
Heartbeat: Group Support Following Suicide
Helping Suicide Survivors Heal (Article by Alan Wolfelt)
I Lost My Husband to Suicide . . .
Journey through Suicide Grief
My Son, My Son: A Guide to Healing after Death, Loss or Suicide (Book by Iris Bolton)
No Time to Say Goodbye : Surviving The Suicide Of A Loved One (Book by Carla Fine)
Online Grief Healing Discussion Groups

Parents of Suicides
Prevent Suicide Now
SAVE - Suicide Awareness Voices of Education
Sena Foundation
Sibling Survivors of Suicide
SIEC - Suicide Information & Education Collection
Signals: An Inspiring Story of Life after Life (Book by Joel Rothschild)
Silent Grief: Living in the Wake of Suicide (Book by Christopher Lucas)
SOLOS - Survivors of Loved Ones' Suicides
Sometimes We Don't Get Second Chances (Article by Nan Zastrow)
SOS - Survivors Of Suicide
Suicide and Crisis Helplines around the World
Suicide and Mental Health Association International
Suicide Prevention (Article from Center for Grieving Children)
Suicide Support from Befrienders International
Suicide Survivor Resources
Suicide Survivors Support Group Database (US and Canada)
Suicide: The Tragedy Compounded (Booklet)
Surviving Suicide: Premier Newsletter Written by and for Survivors of Suicide
Surviving Your Child's Suicide
Teen Suicide Prevention Program: Yellow Ribbon

Tough Transitions: Navigating Your Way through Difficult Times (Book by Elizabeth Harper Neeld, PhD)
Waking Up: Climbing Through the Darkness (Book by Terry Wise)
When Someone You Love Commits Suicide

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