Am I Crazy to Feel So Sad about This?
Am I Too Old to Get Another Pet?
As Unconditional As It Gets
Can Losing a Pet Feel Worse than Losing a Relative?
Can You Explain A Pet's Death to Another Pet?
Child Grieving the Death of Her Cat
Collection of Articles on Pet Loss: San Francisco SPCA
Comfort When You Need It Most
Coping with A Cancer Diagnosis
Dealing with the Death of a Horse
Disaster Preparedness for Pets
Do Animals Have Feelings?
Do Dogs Grieve Their Owners' Passing?
Do Pets Go to Heaven?
Dying at Home
Equine Euthanasia
Euthanasia at Our Hospital
Euthanasia: The Facts
Euthanasia: The Imminent Departure of My Two Little Dogs
Euthanasia: Making the Decision
Euthanasia through a Child's Eyes: Rites of Passage
Euthanasia: What to Expect When Your Pet's Time Has Come
Euthanasia: When to Consider Euthanasia
Euthanizing An Aggressive Dog
Explaining Pet Loss to Children: Six Do's and Don'ts
Exploring Questions about Euthanasia
Funerals for Pets?
Grief in Dogs
Helping A Friend with Pet Loss
Hospice Care: Ending Life with Compassion
Hospice Care for Animals
Hospice Care for Pets
How Do I Let Go?
How Long Should You Wait to Replace a Pet Who Has Died?
How Do We Tell Our Son His Dog Has Died?
Hurricane Katrina: Pets Surviving the Storm
Is It Okay to Cremate a Pet?
The Journey
Loss and the Burden of Guilt
Loss of a Service Dog
Loss of Tiny Pets
Memorializing a Cherished Pet
More Consumers Look To Funeral Directors For Pet Services
Mystical Experiences: Word From the Other Side
Overcoming Grief
Pet Loss and the Elderly
Plan Now to Protect Your Pet in a Natural Disaster
Predeceasing Your Pets: Are You Prepared for the Possibility?
Predeceasing Your Pets: Ensuring Their Care After Your Death
Real Men Don't Grieve, Do They?
Saying Goodbye: Memorializing Your Canine Companion
Saying Goodbye to a Golden
Sorting Out Spiritual Beliefs about Death, the Afterlife
Spiritual Connection with Bubba, Kat Berard's Beloved Horse
Starting Over (When to Get Another Pet)
The Tragedy of Shelter Euthanasia and What You Can Do to Stop It
Veterinary Malpractice and the Human-Animal Bond
Why Does Pet Loss Hurt So Much?
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