There is a heart connection that remains with us after the death of one we love.
That connection is for time and eternity.
Each of us has that special connection with Marynelle in his or her own way.
May this help you each to reaffirm yours.
Imagine Marynelle is speaking to us.

When you see a sky of blue
Think of me and remember my favorite color,
The one of peace and tranquility ~

When you see a beautiful flower arrangement
Remember me, my love of art, and special talents
I encouraged in my students ~

When you see birds on the wing
Know that my spirit soars with them
In graceful compliment to their flight ~


When you see a special smile
Realize that I still smile with you,
For all the wonderful times we shared ~

When you hear roaring laughter
Think of all the funny things
That could never happen to anyone else but me ~
When you hear a child cry
Dry the tears and try not to mourn
But celebrate all that was joyful
In all our years together ~
When you feel a gentle breeze
Stop and listen for a moment
You will hear my voice reassuring you
To keep on doing your best ~

When you hear a lovely song
Think of music, gatherings, holidays and parties,
The memories that can never be silenced ~
When you hug someone gently
Remember my touch
And know that I am hugging you
And keeping you close ~
When you see a rainbow
And the sun shining through the raindrops
Remember the promises of God
and be assured ~
I am at peace and in His presence ~

Written in loving tribute to Marynelle Hartman Ortiz
by Lucy Linder
May 23, 2003

Author’s note: My friend of more than 30 years, Marynelle always had a kind word, a positive outlook, and time for everyone. I knew her from the days when we were young and beginning our careers. We met at work and became good friends. Her heart of gold touched the lives of so many –  not only in the circle of her family and friends, but in the lives of the many students who passed through her classroom door. A teacher and lover of art, she saw the beauty of this world with a spectacular eye for details of decoration and finding the best in each person she met. She created, guided, gave love and was loved in return. All who have known her are truly blessed by her presence in their lives.

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