The Final Farewell
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THE FINAL FAREWELL    Preparing for and Mourning the Loss of Your Pet

By Marty Tousley, RN and Katherine Heuerman



This book is aimed at pet owners who are anticipating or mourning the death of a cherished companion animal. It is designed to be a sensitive, informative manual for memorializing and laying a deceased pet to rest, as well as a guide for coping with feelings of loss.

This book will help animal lovers to

bulletExplore the euthanasia decision.
bulletPre-plan what will happen to their petís body after death.
bulletUnderstand what options are available for the final disposition of an animalís body.
bulletProvide for care of their pets in case of their own unexpected absence or death.
bulletMemorialize their pets in meaningful ways that will honor and draw closure on the special relationship they had with each other.
bulletUnderstand their reactions and resolve their feelings of grief as they come to terms with the loss of their cherished pets.
bulletRecognize whether they need additional support and know how to find it.
bulletHelp a friend whoís hurting from loss of a pet
The Final Farewell: Preparing for and Mourning the Loss of Your Pet is an excellent addition to our pet loss library. Co-authors Marty Tousley, RN and Katherine Heuerman have balanced the difficulty of dealing with death by providing the information needed for all of us to make decisions about our companion's final demise. Although the book is 74 pages, it is written in an easy to read format and does not dwell on any one topic. 
Most of the other pet loss books are very informative of the grieving aspect of the process, but The Final Farewell gives concrete suggestions of truly PREPARING for the final arrangements. In a direct but gentle way, the authors guide the reader through all the steps in a caring but rational manner. I was very impressed with the chapter on Arranging for After Death Care as they separately explored the advantages and disadvantages of each method of after death care (disposal). 
Because of this book, I personally have changed some of the wording in our euthanasia consent form to a more understandable and compassionate format. 
There are many references in the index of supplemental readings, support groups, web sites and individual companies that specialize in after care arrangements in the Phoenix area.
I highly recommend this book as a guide for both pet owners and for the professionals, family and friends that help with making the final arrangements.
ó Jack Quick, D.V.M., Editor, Arizona Veterinary News, January-February 1998

Note: Although this book is currently out of print and no longer sold in bookstores, a very limited number of copies are still available and can be purchased directly from the lead author. Contact Marty via e-mail at for further information.

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