Note: Although I have visited and personally evaluated all of the sites listed below, I don't re-visit each of them regularly, and I'm not always notified when sites are no longer active.  I would greatly appreciate your feedback on the usefulness of any of the sites listed, and if you should encounter an inactive site, please let me know.  I also welcome your suggestions for additions to these listings. Please send your comments and suggestions to me at  Thank you! [Links on this page last updated August 5, 2019]

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Always Too Soon
AMF: National Students of Ailing Mothers and Fathers Support Network for College Students
AWON: American WW II Orphans Network
Becoming Myself: Living Life to the Fullest after Losing Your Parents (Book by Shari Butler)
Blog, The Estate Lady Speaks: Compassionate Advice for Dealing with a Lifetime Accumulation of Stuff
Can't Think of Mom without Crying (Article by Marty Tousley)
Caregivers Struggle When Parents Age (Article by Ellen Besso)
Celebrate You More, Mourn You Less: Grieving Daughter Celebrates Dad's Birthday, by Elizabeth Sullivan
Connecting to Grief: Men's Paths to Healing (Article by Tom Golden)
Complicated Grief: Mourning An Abusive Mother (Article by Marty Tousley)
Consoling A Bereaved Parent, From A Distance (Article by Marty Tousley)
Coping with Grief on Father's Day: Selected Resources (Article by Marty Tousley)
Coping with Grief on Mother's Day: Selected Resources (Article by Marty Tousley)
Death of a Parent: Negative Impact On A Couple's Relationship (Article by Marty Tousley)
Deathbed Promises: Honoring a Mother's Dying Wish (Article by Marty Tousley)
Does Grief End? Turning the Corner after Mother's Death (Article by Gemini Adams)
Explaining Grandmother's Death to a Toddler (Article by Marty Tousley)
FatherLoss: How Sons of All Ages Come to Terms with The Deaths of Their Dads (Book by Neil Chethik)
Father Loss (Neil Chethik Home Page)
Father's Day: Insights On Coping With Grief
Fatherless Women: How We Change After We Lose Our Dads
Finding Your Way through Grief: A Guide for the First Year, Second Edition (Book by Marty Tousley)
The First Year of Grief: Help for the Journey (Online E-Mail Course by Marty Tousley)
Fixing a Hole: Grieving with Other Men (Article by Tom Golden)
Grief and Sexual Intimacy (Article by Marty Tousley)
Grieving the Death of a Mother (Book by Harold Ivan Smith)
Grieving the Loss of a Parent
Guilt In The Wake of a Parent's Death
Healing Mother Loss in Early Childhood
Helping Your Grieving Parent (Article by Helen Fitzgerald)
Helping Yourself Heal When a Parent Dies (Article by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.)
In Grief: Being Open to Mourning (Article by Marty Tousley)
In Grief: Coming Apart At The Seams (Article by Marty Tousley)
In Grief: Coping with "Moment of Death Guilt" (Article by Marty Tousley)
In Grief: Daughters Mourning Mothers (Article by Marty Tousley)
In Grief: Having A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Article by Marty Tousley)
In Grief: "I Didn't Want My Mom to See Me Cry" (Article by Marty Tousley)
In Grief: Mother Loss vs. Spouse Loss (Article by Marty Tousley)
In Grief: Mourning The Murder of An Abusive Father (Article by Marty Tousley)
In Grief: Death of A Possibility (Article by Marty Tousley)
In Grief: Feeling Disconnected From Feeling Bad (Article by Marty Tousley)

In Grief: "I Think I Killed My Mother" (Article by Marty Tousley)
In Grief: Saying Goodbye to A Family Home (Article by Marty Tousley)
In Grief: Setting Clear Boundaries (Article by Marty Tousley)
In Grief: Sifting and Sorting A Loved One's Belongings (Article by Marty Tousley)
In Grief: Taking Time to Mourn (Article by Marty Tousley)
In Grief: Trying To Forget (Article by Marty Tousley)
In Grief: What's Age Got to Do With It? (Article by Marty Tousley)
In the Letting Go: Words to Heal the Heart On the Death of a Mother (Book by J. Lazear)
Liberating Losses: When Death Brings Relief (Book by Elison & McGonigle)
The Loss That Is Forever: The Lifelong Impact of the Early Death of a Mother or Father (Book by Maxine Harris)
The Long Goodbye: A Memoir (Book by Meghan O'Rourke)
Losing a Parent: Passage to a New Way of Living (Book by Alexandra Kennedy)
Losing Our Parents: Dedicated to Helping You and Honouring Them
Lost A Parent Community
Mama and the Hospice Experience (Blog by James Hofheins)
Mama Quest (Blog by Lauren Muscarella)
Midlife Orphan (Book by Jane Brooks)
MissingMother: Healing for Motherless Daughters
Motherless Daughters (Hope Edelman Home Page)
Motherless Daughters: The Legacy of Loss (Book by Hope Edelman)
Mother Loss: When Grief Is Mixed with Menopause (Article by Marty Tousley)
Mother Loss: Years Later, Still Can't Cope (Article by Marty Tousley)
A Mother Loss Workbook: Healing Exercises for Daughters (Book by Diane Hambrook)
Mother's Power Limited In the Face of Death
My Father's Last Father's Day (Article by John Zmirak)
Never the Same: Coming to Terms with the Death of a Parent (Book by Donna Schuurman)
Next Steps: Elder Care Issues for Everyone
Once Upon a Loss (Film on Mother Loss, by Carolyn Russell Stonewell)
One Woman's Journey: Recovering from Grief (Book on Mother Loss, by Ruth Forman)
On Grieving the Death of a Father (Book by Harold Ivan Smith)
Online Grief Healing Discussion Groups
The Orphaned Adult: Understanding and Coping with Grief and Change after the Death of Our Parents (Book by Alexander Levy)
Parent Loss: Continuing Their Song (Article by Marty Tousley)
Parent Loss: Grieving An Elderly Mother (Article by Marty Tousley)
Parents, Children, and Grief in Between (Article by Sherry Russell)
Should Our Dad Be Told That He's Dying? (Article by Marty Tousley)
Singing Mother Home: A Psychologist's Journey through Anticipatory Grief (Book by Donna Davenport)
The Story of My Father's Suicide (Article by Kelli Karlton)
Tough Transitions: Navigating Your Way through Difficult Times (Book by Elizabeth Harper Neeld, PhD)
Wedding Dress Shopping Without Mom (Article by Eleanor Haley)
What to Do With Mother's Stuff? (Article by Sara Davidson)
When All That's Left of Me Is Love (Book by Linda Campanella)
When I Lay Her Down to Sleep: Love Letters to a Dying Mother (Book by Ann Wright-Edwards)

Wisdom of Our Fathers: Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons
Your Wedding Day After a Loss (Article by Litsa Williams)

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