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If you find special days (holidays, birthdays, death day anniversaries and the like) to be more than you can bear, please know that support is available!  Contact your local hospice, funeral home, or healthcare organization to learn what programs and services are open to you.  You need not travel this journey all alone!
A Revelation in a Shopping Mall: The Perfect Gifts, by Brian Vaszily

All I Wanted for Christmas Was My Family, by Audrey Stringer

Anniversary Dates: You Can Be Master of Your Emotions, by Ellen Gerst

Anticipatory Grief and the Holidays: 12 Survival Tips, by Harriet Hodgson

At Thanksgiving, Say Their Name, by Tom Zuba

BR's 13 (Lucky) Tips for De-Stressing Your Holidays

The Blues ~ Holiday or Anyday

Caregiving Holiday Survival Guide

Celebrate You More, Mourn You Less: Grieving Daughter Celebrates Dad's Birthday, by Elizabeth Sullivan

Celebrating the Holidays After the Death of Your Child, by Susan Gilbert

Celebrating the Holidays When a Loved One Has Alzheimer's, by Gretchen Dobervich

Christmas in Heaven: A Memorial for All Heavenly Loved Ones

Choose Positive Memories During This Season of Hope, by Patrick T. Malone

Coping with Special Days: Links to Marty's Articles

Coping with the Holidays: Suggested Resources

Coping with the Holidays: Suggested Resources 2013

Coping with the Holidays: Suggested Resources 2014

Coping with the Holidays: Suggested Resources 2015

Coping with the Holidays: Suggested Resources 2016

Coping with the Holidays: Suggested Resources 2017

Creating Rituals During the Holidays, by Gail Mitchell

Day of Love Brings Grief to the Surface for Some, by Naomi Carniol

Dear Widow: When Mistletoe and Holly Make You Feel All Blue, by Linda Della-Donna

A Decembered Grief: Living With Loss While Others Are Celebrating, by Harold Ivan Smith

December's Deep Grief by Christine Jette

De-Stress the Holidays, by Robert V. Taylor 

Do the Holidays Feel Like Too Much? How Caregivers and Families Find Joy in the Season, by Carol O'Dell

Easter Reminds Us That We Can Rise From Our Grief, by Pamela Prime

Even This Santa Gives Thanks, by Nan Zastrow

Father's Day After Your Father Has Died, by Neil Chethik

Finding Light in the Darkness: Grieving through the Holidays, by Laura Slap-Shelton

Finding the Magic, by Sandy Goodman

Finding New Ways to Celebrate, by Jana DeCristofaro

Five Ways to Write Away Holiday Stress, by Carolyn Ziel

Friend Grief: Getting through the Holidays After Your Friend Dies, by Victoria Noe

Getting through Halloween after a Child's Death, by Cathy Seeheutter

Gifts, Garlands and Grief, by Sandy Goodman

Grief and the Holidays: Advice from Hospice Foundation of America

Grief During the Holidays? Ways to Cope, by Marty Tousley

Grief Rituals Can Help on Valentine's Day, by Marty Tousley

GriefShare: Surviving the Holidays

Guide for Coping with the Holidays, from PsychCentral

The Halloween Graveyard, by Tom Zuba

Help for the Holidays: Ideas for the Bereaved, by Laura Slap-Shelton

Helping Ourselves through the Holidays

Helping Yourself Heal During the Holiday Season, by Alan Wolfelt

The Holiday Army, by Andrea Gambill

The Holiday Blues: Deep in December, by Christine Jette

Holiday Candle Ceremony by Sherry Williams

Holiday Healing: Rest, Compassion, Prayer, by Mary Jane Hurley Brant

Holiday Journal Therapy: Grief Exercise #1

Holiday Journal Therapy: Grief Exercise #2

Holiday Journal Therapy: Grief Exercise #3

Holiday Memories, by Rabbi Earl A. Grollman

Holiday Memories from The Compassionate Friends Atlanta

Holiday Survival Guide for Caregivers

Holidays From the Heart, by Carol Staudacher

How Do We Deal with the Empty Chair? by Marty Tousley

How to Face Any Holiday Single (Video)

Including Your Absent Loved One in Family Celebrations, by Marty Tousley

Incorporating Loss Into Our Holiday Rituals

Is The Holiday Season Your "Blue" Season? Learn Strategies to Cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Kids and Christmas, by Lynn Crowder

Learning to Laugh When You Feel Like Crying, by Allen Klein

Light A Candle: Online Interactive Ritual

The Longest Night, by Elizabeth Halling

Loss in the Season of Giving, by Laura Slap-Shelton

Managing the Holidays, by Kathy Kramer-Howe

Memorial Day: Decorate Your Memory, by Sharon Greenlee

Memorial Glass Personalized Ornaments

Missing A Parent During the Holidays, by Rev. Amy Ziettlow

A New Year and The Burden of Guilt by Marty Tousley

No One Makes Pie Crust Like My Mother, by Mary Lou Dahms

Not So Happy Birthday! Dealing with Birthdays, Anniversaries and Other Traumatic Dates, by B. McManus

Once Again It's Christmas

Online Grief Healing Discussion Groups

Open to Hope: Inspirational Stories for Handling the Holidays After Loss, by Drs. Gloria and Heidi Horsley

Permission to Mourn This Holiday Season

Pet Loss: Coping with Holiday Grief, by Laurel Lagoni

Pet Loss: The Good, the Bad, and the Holidays, by Laurel Lagoni

Pet Loss: Handling the Holidays When You're Feeling Blue, by Marty Tousley

Prepare Your Response Plan for Grief Triggers, by Harriet Hodgson

Seven Practical Ways to Help Military Families This 2011 Holiday Season, by Joanne M. Steen

Seven Unexpected Steps to Starting Over During the Holidays, by Christina Rasmussen

Seven Ways to Make Holidays Meaningful for Children after a Loss, by Suzy Yehl Marta

Simplify Your Christmas (Book), by Elaine St. James

Supporting Children Dealing with Grief During the Holidays: Tips to Help

Surviving Grief During the Holiday Season, by Angela Morrow, RN

Surviving the Holiday Season in the Midst of Grief, by Karla Helbert

Surviving the Holidays after the Death of a Child, by Alice Wisler

Sympathy Gifts: 5 Ideas for Gifting the Grieving, by Angela Morrow, RN

Taming the Holiday Blues, by Nan Zastrow

TAPS Holiday Survival Guide

Ten Tips for Living WITH the Holidays When Someone You Love Has Died, by Tom Zuba

Ten Ways to Find Good Fortune in Your Holidays, by Nan Zastrow

Thankfulness, by Janine Eggers

Tips for a Grinchless Holiday Season, from Today's Caregiver 

Tips for the Bereaved: Handling the Holidays, by Dr. Gwen Firestone

20 Tips to Manage Grief During the First Holiday, by Barbara Rubel

Unplug the Christmas Machine (Book), by Jo Robinson and Jean Coppock Staeheli

Valentine's Day Blues and Other Colors, by Laura Slap-Shelton

Valentine's Day: Remembering Our Loved Ones, by Marty Tousley

Video from Open to Hope: Handling Death and the Holidays

Webinar (Pre-recorded) on Handling the Holidays, with Darcie Sims

When Death Steals Your Holidays, by Paul Bennett

When There Is No Jingle In the Bells, by Doug Manning

When You are Grieving, Thanksgiving Day Feels Painful, by Mary Jane Hurley Brant

A Widow's Many Firsts, by Elaine Williams

Winter Holidays: Ideas for Coping, from Kota Press

The Wintry World of Loss: Grief and the Holidays, by Christine Jette

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