Life seems very lonely darling,
Since the day you went away.
How we miss your merry chatter,
How we miss your childish play.

Ever since you left us darling,
All the world has seemed so sad,
You were just the sweetest angel,
Any parents ever had.

I know you are in Heaven,
And that happy you must be.
Happier than you could be dear,
If you had remained with me.

You made us all so happy.
You made our lives worthwhile,
With your sweet and loving chatter,
Your happy little smile.

You are now a Heavenly Angel,
And I hope you'll pray for me,
And from sin to keep me free.

So that some day I may meet you,
In that happy land above.
Where there is no pain or sorrow,
Ne'er to part from those we love.

If I could only hold you
In my arms and hear you say,
I love you mamma darling
As you did on many a day.

I am trying to be happy,
Just to know that you're with God.
For he loves all little children,
He has said so in his word.

When my life on earth is ended
And my work on earth is done,
Will you watch for me in Heaven?
Watch, and greet me when I come.

Will you lead me into Heaven?
Guide me up the golden stairs,
If so, then my precious Baby,
You will answer Mother's Prayers