Note: Although I have visited and personally evaluated all of the sites listed below, I don't re-visit each of them regularly, and I'm not always notified when sites are no longer active.  I would greatly appreciate your feedback on the usefulness of any of the sites listed, and if you should encounter an inactive site, please let me know.  I also welcome your suggestions for additions to these listings. Please send your comments and suggestions to me at  Thank you! 

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Article Index: Grief and Renewal
Article Index: Grief Recovery Institute
Article Index: Grief Support Library
Article Index: Grief Watch
Article Index: Hospicare - For Those Grieving a Loss
Article Index: Hospice Foundation of America
Article Index: Judy Tatelbaum Presents
Article Index: Neil Chethik, Author, Expert on Men and Grief
Article Index: New Leaf Resources
Article Index: The Light Beyond
Article Index: Wings
Article and Poem Index: Sandy Goodman
Articles and Poems about Bereavement from Good Grief Resources
Articles: Grief Notes, by Henya Shanun-Klein, PhD
Articles: Grief Recovery (Media)
Articles from Open to Hope Foundation
Articles on Acute Traumatic Stress (ASD) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Articles by Belleruth Naparstek, Expert in PTSD and Innovator in Guided Imagery
Articles on Bereavement at Suite 101
Articles on Forgiveness in Grief and Bereavement
Articles on Grief from Journey through Grief

Article on Grief and Loss from LegacyConnect
Articles on Grief and Loss from Psych Central
Articles on Grief and the Homicide Survivor
Articles on Grief by Carol Staudacher
Articles on the Grieving Child and Teen by Helen Fitzgerald
Articles on The Many Faces of Grief: My Personal Journey, by Christine Jette
Articles on Hospice, Grief and Loss by Stan Goldberg
Articles on Hospice, Palliative Care and Dying Well by Dr. Ira Byock
Articles for Grieving Children and Families
Articles for the Grieving Heart by Christine Jette
Articles for Widows, Widowers and Those Who Love Them, by Abel Keogh
Articles for Wives of Widows (or for Women Dating Widows) by Julie Donner Andersen
Bereavement Poems and Articles
Anger: A Bridge Across the Abyss of Loss (Article by Christine Jette)
Anger: The Red Diary: Giving Voice to Your Anger (Article by Christine Jette)
Animals Are the Best Medicine (Article by Roberta Taylor, LPN)
Building a New Identity after the Death of a Loved One, by Louis LeGrand
Coping with Companion Animal Loss Across the Age Continuum (Article by Betty Carmack)
Dealing with Grief Triggers After a Loss by Louis LeGrand
Dictionary of Loss
Don't Leave Me Here Without You -- Why Caring for a Spouse Is So Difficult (Article by Carol O'Dell)
Don't Say You're Fine When You're Not (Article by Sandy Fox)
Dreams of the Deceased (Article by Luellen Hoffman)
Emotions: How to Understand, Identify and Release Your Emotions by Mary Kurus
Five Stages of Dying, Death and Grief, The Myth by Russell Friedman and John W. James
Five Stages of Grief: Myth or Consequence? by Jane V. Bissler, PhD, LPCC, FT
Five Stages of Grief: Seductiveness of Stages Model, by Camille Wortman, PhD
Ghost Stories: Visits from the Deceased (Article by Vaughn Bell)
Grief and Intimacy (Article by Paul C. Rosenblatt, PhD)
Grieving the Death of One's First Love (Article by David Daniels, MD)
Grieving for the Future, by Paul Bennet
Grandparent Grief: Mother Learns How to Comfort Bereaved Son (Aritcle by Nina Bennett)
Grandparents' Grief -- Who Is Listening? by Mary Lou Reed
Grief, Healing, and the One-to-Two-Year Myth (Article by Karne Carney)
Guilty, Your Honor: The Burden of Guilt after a Suicide (Article by Karyl Chastain Beal)
Has the Music Stopped?  Risking Again After a Loss (Article by Stan Goldberg)
Healing Rituals: What Are They, and Why Do We Need Them?
Healing Your Heart: Monthly Articles
Healthy Grief Expression Can Take Many Forms (Article by Alex James)
Heartache to Healing (Blog by JoAnne Funch)
Helping Your Grieving Parent (Article by Helen Fitzgerald)
Hospice: Myths and Facts
Hospice Stories: How Hospice Can Help
Illness: A New Perspective on Suffering (Q&A with Christine Longaker, by Gilles Bédard)
In Time of Sorrow Blog: Plain Talk on Grief
Keeping Your Home after Losing a Loved One (Article by Tony Falzano)
Letters to Katrina Survivors
Lost My Partner - What'll I Do? Newsletter Archives
National Catholic Ministry to the Bereaved (NCMB): Books, Booklets, Articles, Links to Other Resources
Nurse Dispels Myths about Organ Transplantation (Article by Reg Green)
Panic, Insomnia and Nightmares in Grief  (Articles by Christine Jette)
Public Grief Rituals: What You Can Do (Article by Joy Johnson)
The Road to Recovery for Grief Sufferers, from a Friend at
Six Questions to Prepare You for "How Are You Doing?" (Article by Sharon Greenlee)
Stuffing Emotions Isn't a Good Strategy (Article by Steve Harris)
Support: Asking for and Accepting Help When You Need It (Article by Sally Scott)
Surviving Losses from Cancer (Article by Jan Borgman)
Survivor's Guide: Coping with the Outside World (Articles by Christine Jette)
Thanatopsis: Meditations on Death by Christine Jette
The Grief of an Overdose Death: Part 1
The Grief of an Overdose Death: Part 2
Thoughts of Suicide During Grief by Christine Jette
Thoughts on the Firestorms in California: Raging Fires, Broken Hearts
Transcending Loss: Tools for Healing, with Ashley Davis Bush
Traveling Alone, by Arthur Frommer
Traveling with Your Grief (Article by Brenda Sunoo)
The 'Weirdness' of Grief (Article by Kenneth J. Doka)
Voices of Experience: The Tragedy in Newtown, CT

Voices of Experience: Anticipatory Grief Poem ~ "Edge of Day"
Voices of Experience: Delayed Grief
Voices of Experience: Grief and Depression: Are They Different?
Voices of Experience: Grief, 44 Long Months Later
Voices of Experience: He Died Two Years Ago
Voices of Experience: Helen's Christmas Gift
Voices of Experience: In My World, Superman
Voices of Experience: In My World, Superman
Voices of Experience: Looking Back
Voices of Experience: Just Let Me Be Sad
Voices of Experience: Learning To Be Happy Again

Voices of Experience: Sacred Presence, Silent Compassion
Voices of Experience: Soul Hunger in Love and Loss
Voices of Experience: The Empty Chair
Voices of Experience: The Fire Circle of Healing
Voices of Experience: The Labyrinth of Grief
Voices of Experience: The Porcelain Starfish
Voices of Experience: The Voice on the Answering Machine
Voices of Experience: What I've Learned of Grief
What Is Anger?  What Is Anger Management?
When Does Healing Begin? Watching for the Signs (Article by Harriet Hodgson)
Woman Overwhelmed by Series of Major Losses (Q&A with Bob Bauer)
YYoung Widow Overcomes Her Death Wish (Article by Michele Neff Hernandez)

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